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Hurricane Preparedness by Martin Wilcox

The link above is to Martin’s timely article about pond readiness for a hurricane. This article is comprehensive and offers a lot of good suggestions of things you can do that will help save your koi in the event of power outages. Hope everyone and their ponds weather this storm. 

Koi and Pond Health

Overview of Koi Herpes Virus (KHV)

Richard Porter, MD has a very comprehensive website that covers all aspects of the disease. He has studied the KHV since having imported infected koi from Taiwan some years ago. This is not to single out one country as the KHV is found in the waters of Japan and the USA, and early introduction of the disease came from koi brought in from Israel. Some of you may remember the wet lab the ZNA Southern Koi Association sponsored in conjunction with Aquatic-Eco Systems (before Pentair). Dr. Porter lectured and also gave everyone an opportunity to learn how to draw blood from koi. Most everyone who participated was successful in this exercise! If you would like to see ongoing updates regarding KHV please visit Dr. Porter’s website at: 

Dr. Ling Jin of the Oregon State University has been doing research into KHV for many years. Some of her research was in part funded through donations from the Associated Koi Clubs of America. Links to three of Dr. Jin’s papers are at  

Concurrent with the re-emergence of more numerous cases of KHV this past year, Dr. Reynolds, a British veterinarian publish a paper updating the status of this disease. See her paper… click here.

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