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Central Florida Koi Show March 8-10 -

Gainesville Koi and Pond Club Home of the Pondhoppers

Meeting Annoucement

Dianne and Russ Rowley are hosts for our next meeting Sunday, May 19, at 2pm in Gainesville. Visitors and guests are welcome at our pondside meetings. Let Shirley know if you would like to attend.

Please plan to bring a side dish to go with the refreshments and door prize items are welcome.

Let me know if you plan to come. Shirley Ann Beazlie has sent directions to members in recent emails. If you are not on our email list please contact Shirley Ann at

Thank you Susan Chelf for hosting our April meeting. Ed posted some photos on the Gainesville FB page.

Visit our koi and goldfish show website at

Information about the meeting will be sent out to members and posted here on the website and on our FB page, Gainesville Koi Club. Guests are welcome.

Contact Shirley Ann if you would like to be placed on our mailing list.

Please note our new website address is:

If you would like to host a meeting please send an email to Shirley Ann. In the meantime contact Joe if you need help with a pond question or pond emergency.

Dues Are Due

Members are asked to fill out the membership and submit their initial dues to join. New members please bring a check payable to the Gainesville Koi and Pond Club. Family - $25; Single - $20. Please see Shirley Ann, our Treasurer, at the next meeting or preferably place your check and application in the mail to Shirley Ann Beazlie. Shirley's cell 352-682-9199.

Club Officers

President - Ed Kellar

Vice President - Shirley Stone

Secretary/Treasurer - Shirley Ann Beazlie

Librarian - Ed Kellar

Koi and Pond Health - Joe White

Webmaster - Joe White


Membership is open to anyone interested in the pond hobby, including koi keeper, goldfish enthusiasts, and water gardeners. Our target area is the North Central Florida area.

Note: Although joining one of our FB groups is encouraged, it does not constitute memberhip in the Gainesville Koi and Pond Club.

Download the Membership form here.